# folks to complete survey:19

Average # of times to Fest: 7 ("enough times to know the words to every cure song")

Favorite Event:

relaxing with friends - 4
cooking the pig - 1
eating the pig
four square
horseshoes - 1
cowboy breakfast
tent set up
keg toss - 1
clean up
drinking games - 2
peeing in a portojohn
nudity - 5
Zero K
all of the above - 5

Fondest memory: Too many to single out one; late night jager shots with Blackwood; "the time I beat Majtyka 15-0 in horseshoes," Blackwood; the full monty rendition and the "egg eating girl"...Martina; "Hiding in Sweet's tent & scaring him - '90" Flynn; Sappo's "Flamin'-A" Fest, taking pix of streaking Squareman and then sending them across the Internet; Barley Soup Shooters and the time Blackwood and Majtyka got it on with each other poolside - yeah baby!; naked wiffle; beer noodle; Being honored as "Mayor of Slacktown"; slacking; Hux Smashing Shoog's chair! LOL!; what?; Craig's "twin" dancing on the kegerator; naked stick ball; 

Favorite Shirt Design:

lime green pig '90 - 1
raging pig '92 -3
pig on acid '93 - 6
winged pig '94 - 2
harvestfest '95 - 1
Chester T Fester '96 - 2
long sleve MFX '97 - 1
florescent tick '98 -
60's psychadelic '99 - 3

Suggestions for fest: Hire the old VanHalen to play, "More Beer, Less Cheng", change the name to Slackfest!, Limo Pick-up and delivery & ban all memorial day weddings; Bring back Lovegren; money back guarantee in case of inclement weather; Live music - N'est Pas reunion?; have it three or four times a year; "Nothing at all. Improve slacktown"; Move event to Jazzfest in New Orleans... SlackTown T-Shirts....; "More beer, less rain"; More Slackers; childcare

Suggestions for site: Most excellent; Pictures of the golden horseshoe; Add photo of Tom B - "fat, drunk & stupid"; "passed out pictures and more Joey (wouldn't those be the same thing?)"; more slacktown footage; More Slackers; t shirt ordering; needs testosterone; "Take Paul Geib picture off the Web Site.. Because of his enormous weight problem, it takes 1 hr. to download his picture...."; more nudity